What is TourPhotographer.com?

TourPhotographer.com works directly with bands to offer high-quality concert photos to fans during a tour. Unlike other pictures you might find online, our photos are all 100% legal and approved by the band and their management.

Why should I buy photos from TourPhotographer.com?

Our photographers travel on the road with the band and have the best access to make great pictures on stage and behind the scenes. The limited number of press photographers who cover the shows are usually restricted to shooting the first few songs from only one position. Our photographer has an all-access pass and is able to shoot the entire show from different locations to get unique angles and capture key moments that you won't see anywhere else. Sometimes we shoot from the stage looking out at the audience and you might see yourself in the crowd!

In addition, our photos are the ONLY legal, authorized photos for sale from the tour that are approved by the artist. If you find photos available on sites like ebay, they are probably breaking the law and also hurting the musicians by selling unlicensed merchandise.

Are these "real" photographic prints?

Yes! Your pictures are printed on genuine Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper and are rated to last for generations. We use a premium lustre finish for a look and feel that has the color richness and "pop" of glossy paper but acts like matte since it doesn't pick up fingerprints too easily.

Will my print look exactly like it does on the site?

Each image is individually prepared for the highest quality photographic reproduction. The print may look lighter or darker since every monitor is calibrated differently. Every photo has a white border with the band's name or logo along with the date and location of the show printed at the bottom.

When will I see the pictures from my show?

All of our photos are approved by the artist before they go online. We usually have the photos online within three days after the show. If it's going to take a bit longer, you'll see the show listed in the drop-down menu on the right side of the page with the words COMING SOON.

Did you cover the show in my city?

We're not always able to cover every single show on a tour. If you don't see the images online within five days (and it's not listed as COMING SOON in the drop-down menu on the right side of the page), then we probably didn't cover it.

When will I receive my photos?

It takes two or three days for your pictures to be printed. Your order is shipped on the next business day after printing from our lab in the United States. Please note that there is no shipping on Saturday or Sunday and orders processed on those days will go out on Monday. Shipping time is based on the option you select at checkout.

When will I receive my Bon Jovi photo book?

Photo books are meticulously compiled by hand and take 3-4 weeks to be printed and assembled. They are shipped separately from prints so you don't have to wait for your photos. Your order is shipped directly from the Adorama lab in New York, NY.

Do you ship to countries outside of the United States?

Absolutely. All international shipments are sent via US Postal Service Global Priority Mail. They are packaged so that they should get through customs without any problems, but if you haven't received your order within 15 business days after shipping, please let us know by sending an email to Info@TourPhotographer.com. Make sure to include your order number so we can resolve the situation immediately.

What if my order hasn't arrived or my photos were damaged in shipping?

While shipping problems are rare, we do occasionally hear of a postal employee who likes to try and stuff our heavy cardboard packaging into a tiny mail slot. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please let us know by sending an email to Info@TourPhotographer.com. Make sure to include your order number so we can correct the situation immediately.

Who is behind this site?

TourPhotographer.com was founded by award-winning photographer David Bergman. In addition to his work with bands on tour, David's images have appeared in many major publications including Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, People, Time, and The New York Times. Feel free to view his portfolio and see a behind-the-scenes video about his work with Bon Jovi.

Do you have any other bands' photos available for sale?

Yes. We've also worked with Barenaked Ladies, Hanson, Vertical Horizon, and Pat McGee. Those images are still available by clicking on the other bands link at the top of every page.

How do I find out about upcoming shows, discounts, and contests?

You can join us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

Any other questions? Contact us!

Tour Photographer.com

Had a great time at the show but didn't get any good photos? Now you can buy officially licensed Bon Jovi concert photos from the Circle Tour 2010 and the Live Tour 2011.

For the first time ever, Bon Jovi fans can also purchase unique, commemorative photo books from each show on the band's 2011 tour across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The exclusive photos are shot on stage and backstage by Bon Jovi's official tour photographer David Bergman and are personally approved by Jon Bon Jovi.